Action Craft News Flash!

A long-awaited update — I’m delighted to finally announce that the Action Craft blankets found a home!

Last month I sent four huge boxes off to Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture. (If you Google Kesennuma, you’ll find many videos and photos of the port town, which was completely swept away.)

The Action Craft blankets were sent to the organization Network Orange, a nonprofit focused on helping children with disabilities in Kesennuma. Since the tsunami they have extended their efforts to include helping others in the community rebuild their lives, and they were excited to receive our donation. I was a bit worried my terrible kanji-writing skills had sent our boxes off into oblivion, but this week I received word that they arrived safely. The folks at Network Orange said they’d try to send photos, but I’ll cut them some slack, since, you know, they’re helping people survive and stuff.

Congrats to everyone who participated. A job well done.

Action Craft – Final Round!

The last shipment of blankets for Action Craft arrived a while back, and with all the excitement over our blog/japanniversaries, the photos got buried on the camera.  (oops.)  So, without further ado!

From Anne and Michelle in Maryland, USA

These baby blankets are so incredibly sweet.

Maybe it is my love affair with stripes, but I adore these blankets.  Thanks ladies!!

Action Craft, Thoughts

Hello all!  I’m expecting another box of blankets, so while I was hoping to wow you with another batch of photos today, it looks like I’ll have to keep you in suspense a bit longer.

I want to tell everyone again how delighted I am by the response to this little Call-to-Acton-Craft.  I’m overwhelmed (in the good way) by the generosity of everyone who participated. Together, we’ve created 32 new handmade blankets for tsunami and earthquake survivors here in Japan.  That is, 32 and counting…

As to where they are headed — it’s still in the works.  I’ve got a few leads and we’re ironing out the details.  More info on that to come, I promise.

I had a great time making my quilt for this project.  It felt good to make something for someone else, not knowing who might receive it.  I thought a lot about who might need a small quilt and how they might use it — for a baby, or picnics, or folded up as a pillow or floor cushion.  It feels good to work hard on something then send it off into the world, its future unknown.

I also enjoyed making a quilt with such strict rules.  I told myself not to buy anything new, to use only supplies I already had at home.  This really limited my choices and as a result my quilt came together quickly, which was really satisfying.  (And now I can buy more fabric under the pretense that I’ll do it again someday!)  I enjoyed the process so much, I might actually make another.

Thanks again to everyone who sent blankets — good work, team!

Psst — find a Flickr photo gallery of all the blankets here, and more Action Craft info here.

Another Round of Action Craft

From Cheri and Laura in Minnesota, USA

This was Cheri’s first quilt.  Splendid!

From Jamie and her mother in Minnesota, USA

This quilt was painted and pieced years ago by Jamie’s mother, then folded up and left forgotten.  It was resurrected by Jamie and finished by my mom — truly a community effort.  I love how Alaska has its own block amidst all the other countries (top center).  🙂

Per usual, you can find a Flickr photo gallery of all the blankets here, and more Action Craft info here.  Thanks!

Action Craft, All in the Family

If you’ve ever wondered where I got my crafty genes, well —

From my mom, in Minnesota

From my aunt Missy, in Minnesota

They made these together and — get this — they’re both first-time quilters.  Beginner’s luck?  I think not.  Those are skillz, ladies.  Better yet — it was Missy’s first time using a sewing machine.  What?!

From Lynn in Minnesota

Lynn is like a second Mom, and has showered me with handmade gifts my entire life.  Maybe some of that talent wore off on me?  I’m quite proud to admit I got her hooked on Etsy — check out her shop.  The-beer-and-peanut-proof baseball game gear is the best.

More Action Craft love from Minnesota tomorrow.

Psst — photo gallery here, and more Action Craft info here.  Thanks!

More Action Crafts

From (my aunt!) Mickey in Minnesota, USA

I’ve never seen a quilt like this before!  It looks like Mickey made circle “blocks” then stitched them together, flattened the flaps, and tacked the flaps down using a fancy blanket stitch. (The reverse side of this quilt is all the same blue as the flaps.)

Mickey, am I right?  Does this design have a name?  Do tell!

From Susan in Minnesota, USA

Susan embroidered sweet messages in the corners.  Lovely!

Again, check out photos of all the Action Craft quilt and blanket donations here, and for more info on the project, try the link here.

Special thanks to my handsome model husband — handsome model, or model husband?  You decide.  (Hint, it’s both.)

More quilts tomorrow!

Action Crafts, cont.

I’m racing off to sashiko class this morning, but before I go:

From Lisa in Queensland, Australia

How cute are those little bunnies!  I really wanted to take everything out of their bags to admire her handiwork, but Lisa packaged them up so nicely I decided to keep it all intact.  Instead, I just peered through the plastic.

You can check out Lisa’s blog here.

Two more boxes of quilts arrived yesterday!  More to come…

Action Crafts, cont.

Another batch of blankets for Action Craft:

From my friend Molly in Minnesota, USA

Molly has made me a few blankets over the years, and I spy some bits and pieces of leftover yarn in these.  I love it.

It must be a family affair over there! From Molly’s mom, Nancy, also in Minnesota

Beautiful.  I love this bundle of color.

It doesn’t stop there! Molly’s aunt also sent blankets. From Denise in Illinois, USA

Nice work, ladies!

You can see photos of all the donated Action Craft blankets on Flickr, and in previous posts here and here.

Still more to come…

Action Crafts

Handmade quilts and blankets for our Action Craft project have been arriving steadily:

From Natalie in Pennsylvania, USA

From Susan in California, USA

So beautiful!  I love Natalie’s oversize granny square and, what is that on the second one, a lace pattern?  I know nothing about crochet, except that it looks so very classy.  Oh!  And the colors in Susan’s quilt are amazingly vibrant.  I’m certain these will make someone very happy.

You can see photos of these blankets, and all the others as I post them, at my Flickr page.

Much more to come…