Action Crafts, cont.

Another batch of blankets for Action Craft:

From my friend Molly in Minnesota, USA

Molly has made me a few blankets over the years, and I spy some bits and pieces of leftover yarn in these.  I love it.

It must be a family affair over there! From Molly’s mom, Nancy, also in Minnesota

Beautiful.  I love this bundle of color.

It doesn’t stop there! Molly’s aunt also sent blankets. From Denise in Illinois, USA

Nice work, ladies!

You can see photos of all the donated Action Craft blankets on Flickr, and in previous posts here and here.

Still more to come…

Action Crafts

Handmade quilts and blankets for our Action Craft project have been arriving steadily:

From Natalie in Pennsylvania, USA

From Susan in California, USA

So beautiful!  I love Natalie’s oversize granny square and, what is that on the second one, a lace pattern?  I know nothing about crochet, except that it looks so very classy.  Oh!  And the colors in Susan’s quilt are amazingly vibrant.  I’m certain these will make someone very happy.

You can see photos of these blankets, and all the others as I post them, at my Flickr page.

Much more to come…