Pink is the color of my White Day.

Today was White Day in Japan. Because I’m a bit spoiled, I got these:

A messy desk with fabric thrown over the piles of craft seconds as a photo studio. See Dan? there is a method to my madness.

Those macarons were amazing. Are they always? I have no idea. I usually opt for fruit tartlets, or dark chocolate with salty bits, or pie. But these macarons were ridiculously good. I didn’t shove them all into my mouth at once, even though I thought about it. I really did.

White Day is March 14th, the day when men who received chocolates from their lady friends a month ago are suddenly faced with an awkward and stressful dilemma: to return the favor and possibly send the wrong message (too much! not enough!), or pretend they forgot and hide under the desk all day.

While White Day was maybe a little stressful for Dan (many coworkers, many awkward moments), it was darn good to me. I left class with a sugar rush and a pocket full of Melty Kiss.

Not to mention, I had my classy snack set waiting for me at home.

My fancy pink teacup, a raspberry macaron, and my newest sashiko kit (coming soon!), a sakura-covered picnic mat. It was a very sweet day.

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