‘Tis the Season for Sashiko ♫

It happens every year. Christmas Eve. 2 am. Me, alone in a poorly lit room, stitching furiously to finish my last handmade gift.

I love to give handmade gifts for Christmas, but I always cut it a little too close. This year it was a table runner for my parents. I started out ahead of schedule, since I had to do most of my holiday preparations before we left Japan a few weeks ago.

But I kept putting off those last few tasks, and suddenly my ahead-of-schedule schedule was gone. There I was, alone with my stitching while visions of sugarplums danced in my head.

I enjoy designing my own sashiko patterns, but sometimes it’s fun to follow someone else’s rules. I found the pattern for this table runner in this book and I backed it with vintage kimono silk from a flea market in Kyoto. I liked the way the threads came together at the point to form a tassel.

I bet my mother never places anything on top of it, no matter how much I insist it’s meant to be used. But I guess, how practical is a table runner, really?

But enough about the sashiko, can you believe this needlepoint covered bench made by my husband’s grandmother?!