New Sashiko Kits!

I’m delighted to announce I’ve placed some new sashiko kits in my Etsy web shop.

The first is a do-it-yourself sashiko and patchwork brooch. I am excited about this one, as you can tell by the goofy grin on my face. Kits contain a brooch setting, sashiko instructions and materials, and a selection of beautiful fabrics, including plenty of Liberty of London and Echino cottons.

I think these kits would make a nice gift for someone who likes to craft. I would give one to myself if I could. But that is weird. Sashiko Brooch Kit, $15

The second kit is inspired by the upcoming holiday season. This trio of starry night ornaments with sashiko stitching is a nice way to add your own handmade holiday cheer. Kits include fabric, patterns and sashiko materials, and heavy charcoal gray felt for stability and backing. It is really nice felt, I went for the good stuff. The crisp lines of these stars are simple to stitch, but look quite fancy hanging in a set.

Can you believe I found a Christmas tree look-alike in Tokyo this time of year? I can’t. I thought I would have to wait for the $500 trees to arrive and then photobomb them with my ornaments. I’m talking snap and run. But I didn’t have to wait that long. I just photobombed my neighbor’s bushes instead. I don’t mind if they think I’m strange, I already put more wine bottles in the recycle bin than they do, so they expect such things from me, no doubt. Starry Night Sashiko Ornaments Kit, $20

You can check out other sashiko kits and gift items in my Etsy shop. Thanks!

First Dress

I made a dress. And I took my picture and will let you see my face.

These are big steps. Admittedly, I’m a little nervous.

This is the first dress I have sewn. Maybe I made a dress when I was a kid, but I don’t remember it so it doesn’t count. My friend Thewallina helped me decipher the pattern from BurdaStyle Magazine, and I pieced it together on my own. It was simple and satisfying, the prefect project.

I bought this fabric for 100 yen a meter in Fabric Town, so I felt OK just going for it — no practice muslins for this girl. I misaligned the stripes because I like it that way, and when you sew your own clothes you can do whatever you want! If I make this dress again, I’ll omit the pockets because honestly, they’re useless.

I made this dress a few weeks ago and have been saving it for the right occasion. I finally got tired of waiting and wore it to the supermarket. It was a really hot day, and this dress was cool and breezy. I realize these are the key characteristics of a muumuu, and this dress might actually resemble one if you look closely enough, but that doesn’t matter because I made it. So all you naysayers, back away slowly.

Because I made a dress, and then I wore it in public.