What an adorable little Fox Face!

What is the name of that awesome looking plant, you ask?

But, the Fox Face of course!

Forgive me, but the Photoshop magic just had to happen.  フオックスフエイス in Japanese, Solanum mammosum is also known as the Nipplefruit, Titty Fruit, Cow’s Udder, Apple of Sodom, and the Five Fingered Eggplant.  I just want to call it my friend.

Congrats to Umo and HBomb — they guessed the Japanese name correctly and will soon be proud owners of a 100 yen shop surprise… nice work smartypantses.

Name That Plant

Strolling through the neighborhood recently, I came across this beauty:

I was able to ask the store clerk for the plant’s name, and let me tell you, it’s awesome.   Anyone else know it?

Let’s make it interesting — if you think you know the name of this plant, leave your guess in the comments.  If anyone comes up with the right answer, I’ll send you a little something crazy from Tokyo.  Sorry, it won’t be this plant, because it was expensive.  Consider that your first hint.

If a whole few of you get it right, I’ll come up with some sort of random drawing to select a winner.  Let’s say you have until Thursday morning-ish, USA time (that’s Thursday evening-ish Japan time).  Good luck!