Sashiko for Spring

Sashiko for Spring, by Saké PuppetsAh, sashiko for Spring. This is a bag pattern I reverse-engineered from a cotton gift bag I received while living in Japan. It was given to me while staying at a ryokan, so you can carry a few belongings as you wander in your yukata from breakfast to nap time to the bath and back again. I love the way the two handles tie together — loosely to slide over your wrist or elbow like a handbag, or tightly like a pouch to prevent treasures from falling out. I added some freeform sashiko geometry on one side, and used my sashiko sampler pattern for the other. Sashiko for Spring, by Saké Puppets sakepuppets.comSashiko Sampler by Saké Puppets. Pattern available at sakepuppets.etsy.comThe bag is lined in old nani IRO double gauze, a scrap I had stashed in the depths of a craft box that followed me from Tokyo. Honestly, nothing compliments sashko-in-angles better than a light, floral nani IRO.Sashiko for Spring, by Saké Puppets sakepuppets.comWell hello, Spring.


17 thoughts on “Sashiko for Spring

  1. There are so many interesting patterns on your bag! So clever! Do people ask you about the bag and embroidery? I am curious what is the reaction of New Yorkers on this beauty!

  2. Angela, this is gorgeous… I love both sashiko and Nani Iro — actually I have some of that exact double gauze, same colorway and all. 🙂 Her designs are beautiful, and I can’t resist them even though they aren’t exactly the cheapest… 😉

    • Isn’t that print amazing?! Party because of the price, I keep stocking up on different 1/2 yard cuts of nani iro, so I have a stash of lovely fabrics that I’m not exactly sure what to do with. Someday inspiration will strike. 😉

  3. Nice! It looks like a really simple pattern to put together, too. Just from your pictures, I think I can see how I could make a similar bag for myself. (I have a minor obsession with bags. I don’t use them much, but I love to make them!)

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