Blue Waltz Dress

I haven’t bought new clothes in a while because every time I see something I like in a store I find a detail or something that isn’t quite right and convince myself to make it instead. This would be fine if I actually made the thing.

I finished my wool Hollyburn skirt just in time for … spring. As the weather warmed up, wearing a full wool skirt felt silly. And hot. So I tried to think a season ahead when choosing my next sewing project. Enter the Elisalex dress in Nani iro blue waltz.Elisalex dress in Nani Iro waltzTokyo’s summers are really hot and linen dresses are ideal. A lot of Nani iro fabric comes in this linen-cotton blend or double gauze cotton, which are great for sweaty Japanese summers. Coincidence? I think not.

I love the way this dress fits. The bodice is lined and just the right amount of snug.My zippier side.

I made a muslin for this dress which helped me decide to lengthen the bodice an inch. The muslin is still wearable though I’m not in love with the fabric, so I have designated it as my clean-the-house dress. Scrubbing floors in a dress = much more fun than scrubbing floors in sweatpants.

I went with an exposed zipper using this tutorial by Gretchen Hirsch and after seeing this tip by Closet Case Files added a very thin interfacing to give the skirt a little more poof. I don’t have a full-length mirror and now that I see these photos I might shorten the hem to the knees. I purchased the Nani iro from Miss Matatabi and lined the bodice in an orange and red cotton voile from my stash.

Summer, bring it on.Blue waltz for summer. Nani iro and Elisalex


17 thoughts on “Blue Waltz Dress

  1. I wish I could get away with wearing dresses that pretty. But my body just isn’t built for it. :/ But that dress, and the idea of the double-gauze (Canadian summers don’t get as hot as Japanese ones, but they get hot enough) do really make me wish I could!

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  3. I love your dress! I smiled when I read about your clean-the-house dress (the muslin version)… lol!

    I’m so glad I discovered you from Feeling Stitchy blog.

  4. Oops sorry I sent my comments without finishing my sentence! Thanks for the crafty inspirations from Tokyo… Wishing you folks the best from California, Amy

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  6. That`s a lovely dress – nice job : ) I love the macaron zip pouch and the look of the washi-deco iphone covers too.

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