New Spring Sashiko Kit

Spring has taken hold of me. I ate two sakura-flavored mochi today. No lie.

Every year I put out a sakura-themed sashiko kit because I think sakura and sashiko are such as lovely little pair. And they are fun to say. Go ahead and try it: sakura sashiko sakura sashiko sakura sashiko. Catchy, right?sakura sashiko embroidery kitThis year I designed a pouch kit. These metal squeeze clasps are a new discovery for me and they are great. Easy to use, the metal clasp stays closed tightly and makes such an interesting and unexpected detail.squeeze! sakura sashiko pouchThis sashiko kit is easy to assemble in an afternoon and can be sewn entirely by hand. It is a great kit for beginner embroiderers, too. The finished pouch is 5″ by 6 1/2″ (125 mm by 165 mm), perfect for cosmetics, jewelry, small toys or treasures. Both small and large sakura patterns are included so you can design the layout yourself, and the pouch can be made with flat or boxed corners, your choice!

You can find the kits here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!sakura sashiko diy embroidered pouch kitsakura trio DIY sashiko pouch


6 thoughts on “New Spring Sashiko Kit

  1. So pretty! And the snaps are kind of neat, too; they make me think it would be good to use as a little candy bag or something.

    I hope you have them in your shop next year, too, because I can’t afford one right now but I really like them. 🙂 (I seem to have this unending love affair with making pouches, even if I never actually use them for anything. XD)

  2. I just received my sashiko kit! yeepee! oh, I’ll be stitching away tonight when the wee ones are asleep… I’ll even have a cup of sen cha to keep warm! It is really nicely packed, Angela, thanks a million 🙂

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