Head Tube

I did it. It only took me a month, but it felt like forever.

head tube as a hat

I finished the hat/muffler/head tube I started on a whim last month when I was overtaken by the knitting bug. This certainly cured it. It wasn’t an unpleasant project to knit. I likened it to a sudoko puzzle: not difficult, but work. An inexplicable something you just have to do. I would curse my hat/muffler/head tube and Dan would suggest I just give up on it. My response, “Why would I do that? I’m having fun.”

knit pic

So after you have spent a month of your life knitting something, and you knit the final knit and put it on your head with excitement, turn to your spouse and ask, “How does it look?” What do you do when they say, “Well, it’s not really your style.”

Translation: “That thing is super ugly.”

There are many correct answers, of course. If you threw the head tube in his face, I’d say that is acceptable. I told him that actually, it was OK because I made it for him. And I hope he wears it everyday. Like this:

head tube

And of course he will.

Ps, ravelry notes here.

3 thoughts on “Head Tube

  1. It is an impressive amount of knitting. I applaud your seeing it through. I believe it looks lovely as a cowl. I am not so sure about the head wrap. The color blue is just right for you. Well done!
    PS wear it as a cowl 🙂

  2. I like the head tube! I’ve wanted to knit a cowl for myself for ages but never seem to get around to it (like a zillion and one other things in my life), and I love seeing other people knit stuff like that. The colours really match well, and piffle, I think it looks good!

  3. Great response Angie, and he will wear it until it gets to warm to use. I think it is different, just think of it as a hoodie with out the jacket.

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