Knit Works In Progress

First, a big thank you! to everyone who took my survey! I’ve enjoyed reading your comments, and next week I promise to reply to some of the questions you posed. I’ll keep collecting responses for a little while so if haven’t yet taken it but would still like to, you can find the survey post here. Thanks again!

I ran to the craft shop this week for some lining fabric (I am making the new Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt) and instead of lining I left with yarn, new knitting needles, and a distraction.

a distraction

This was completely an impulse buy. I’m not sure what came over me. I wasn’t thinking about price or the time it will take to finish, only about how I have always wanted to knit with this type of yarn, and poof, before I knew it I was telling the cashier it was a gift. For myself.

Opal sock yarn

I often ogle sock yarn because I love the way patterns emerge from a random crazy mess of colors. I realize this is not at all random or crazy to people who understand how weaving works, but to me it is magical. A few years back some mean-spirited circular needles broke my heart and since then I have only knit square or rectangular things. The thought of handmade wool socks is enticing, but they are round and tiny and violate all my rules of knitting.

circular needles, you better play nice

a sock yarn muffler

I guess I had a change of heart. This tube-muffler-that-flips-into-a-hat pattern requires 40 cm size 3 circular needles and two 100g balls of Opal sock yarn. The needles are much smaller than I have used before so there is potential for disaster, though right now things are going well. It is fun to watch my sock-yarn muffler grow, never knowing what pattern or stripe might emerge.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Maybe I’ll finish it in time to wear while the weather is still chilly.

knit stats

11 thoughts on “Knit Works In Progress

  1. Self-patterning sock yarn really is awesome, and Opal’s a good kind, too. I’ve always wanted to knit myself a pair of socks, but never having quite mastered Kitchener stitch or a toe-up cast-on, I usually just use sock yarn to knit lace scarves or shawls instead. (Knitted lace is totally my weakness!)

  2. You definitely owned a wrong brand of circular needles because they are the best! Rather then knit with three or four needles I prefer circular. If you search “magic loop knitting” on YouTube, I am sure you’ll find many great tutorials depending on your knitting style (Continental or English).

  3. I’ve always liked the multi-colored yarns because of the patterns they make. Best of luck with your knitting. Do you remember grandma knitting and using 4 needles to make something round?

  4. Is the pattern for hat/muffler on ravelry? I’ve search usin some key words but couldn’t find it. Does it have a specific name?

    I like the yarn colors that you picked.

    • Thanks! I’m not sure if the pattern is on Ravelry, I found it on the reverse side of the yarn’s label. It tells you to cast on 150 stitches on size 3 needles, knit 30 cm, change colors and knit another 30 cm and you’re done. Good luck!

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