Works In Progress: Gray (Grey?) Shoulder Bag

I spent a semester in London while a student, so now I can never spell grey (gray?) correctly.

Has it been over a year since I last looked at this project? Oh dear.

The last time you saw this bag it looked like this:

Perhaps it doesn’t seem like much has changed, but I swear it has. I’ve finished the sashiko stitching and now I just need my sensei to hold my hand while I pin and sew the pieces together. I’ve forgotten which goes where. It’s a bit of a mess, actually.

This shoulder bag was designed by my sensei and the kit was a bit on the expensive side, so I’ve really been wanting to finish it. And then I bought this expensive button to go with my expensive kit. They were a match made in heaven, I couldn’t help myself.

The lining she gave me is a bit ugly, so perhaps I need some expensive fabric to go with my expensive other parts. Dark is always good for the inside (dirt!) but I like a little surprise (color!) when I open my bag. Anyone have suggestions?


8 thoughts on “Works In Progress: Gray (Grey?) Shoulder Bag

  1. Looks fantastic! I like grey with red / grey with fuchsia / grey and a deep purple / grey with electric blue. All fantastic combinations (but I’ll always go for the red – and a bright one at that!).

  2. Definitely colour, you can find a nice print where dirt doesn’t show so much. Lovely button and embroidery, I can not wait to see the final result.

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