Hanami Lunch

A friend and I stopped into Shinjuku Gyoen for lunch yesterday. We found a spot under a tree with big draping branches, so it felt like we were inside a sakura-lined fort. Every so often, someone would duck in, say hello, wander by. We ate sakura mochi and drank tea like two civilized ladies.

[husband editor’s note: While Ang was being a fancy lady, she used her hanami placemat – coincidentally, on sale now on Esty – while her doting husband dined on two-day-old sushi at home.]

This is probably the cutest thing I have ever made. I am both ashamed and proud.

Hopefully we’ll get to hanami again. It’s fleeting!


2 thoughts on “Hanami Lunch

  1. Hey Angela, looks as though life in Japan just gets better for you! Do you remember me, I’m the “other” Angela from the Sashiko stitch class at Blue and White? I just came across your card and found your blog, it’s wonderful and what a lovely Etsy shop you have! I might have to order some bits and pieces, although I have no time for stitching for renovating etc! I love the Sakura place mats etc. Do you still go to Amy’s place for the classes? I wonder, you have her email address? I would like to contact her as my daughter, who is in her Junior year has to write an extended essay and she has chosen, with a little guidance, to write about the indigo dye process and uses of textiles in Japan. I think that Amy has some contacts in that field and my daughter has to “interview” someone in the business, albeit by email of course to base her essay on.

    So how is everything there? Looks as though you have completely embraced life in Japan. I can’t tell you how much I miss it and have been quite depressed about being back in Europe, but I am feeling much better now.

    Anyway, i’ll keep a check on how you are doing and hope to hear back from you soon.

    Best wishes
    Angela (2) xx

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