Another sashiko class, in the bag

This morning I had sashiko class, where I picked up a new project:

Oof, it’s complicated.  Hopefully, someday, that will be a bag.  I took a lot of notes, and pinned little scraps of paper with instructions and hints to each chunk of fabric.  Maybe, someday.

My favorite part is the tone-on-tone stitching — gray thread on luxuriously thick gray fabric.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out … someday.

During class my sensei invited me to her home, though sadly, my language skills failed me and I had some trouble expressing to her that yes PLEASE I would LOVE to do that more than ANYTHING!  Hopefully the crazy-eyed look on my face didn’t give her the wrong impression.  I learned recently that she is the author of this book and this book, so I can only imagine how lovely her home must look.  Sigh.

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