New Year, New Bags (and a giveaway!)

~ This giveaway is no longer accepting entries.  Scroll down to see who won! ~

Happy New Year and あけましておめでとうございます everyone!  In addition to wandering the streets of Tokyo in the middle of the night, I’ve decided that what 2011 really needs is a new stock of bags in my web shop.  Hooray for 2011!

Maybe you resolved to be a bit more organized?  Or want to treat yourself for surviving 78-straight hours of family?  Well, it’s your lucky day year!

And what better way to start a new year than to give things away.   That’s right dear readers, in honor of the Year of the Rabbit 卯 I’ve whipped up two (let the record show that I wanted to make 2,011…) polka-dot, sashiko-clad, bunny-lined zipper bags that are just hopping mad for some new homes:

If you’d like a chance at one, leave me a comment by 12:00 midnight EST USA time on January 4th (that’s 2 pm, January 5th Tokyo time).  Maybe tell me your predictions for 2011 (Zombies take over the world and finally rid us of teen vampire movies?  Yay!), or perhaps something you’d like to see on this blog (more ramen photos? OK!), or just a little note to say “Hi, friend.”  I’ll use the random number generator to select TWO winners, lucky you!  And you!

Fine print: One entry per person/e-mail address. The winners will be selected using and announced as an update to this post, so come back here for the announcement.  Items can be shipped worldwide.  Good luck!


And the winners are… commenters 15 & 9!  Congrats to Nick and Bridget, and a special thanks to everyone for their comments, predictions, and notes!  Keep an eye on Saké Puppets for more giveaways – this was much too fun to do only once!  You can also check out my web shop to score a bag of your own.  Happy Year of the Rabbit!  Best, Ang

23 thoughts on “New Year, New Bags (and a giveaway!)

  1. Hello! I’d love to see more random photos on your blog,
    things you are making, sites you see on a daily basis. For 2011,
    I’m hoping for more personal creativity & less time on the
    computer…so far I’m doing okay. 🙂 Thanks for hosting &
    Happy New Year..the bags are great…really love the

  2. Hi Angie, Your bags were a big hit in my family. I am
    enjoying your blog. I have found meaning in the embroidered paths
    around the polka dots 🙂 Special thanks to Ari for bringing this
    website to my attention! ❤ Cathie

  3. So, my SIL loved the bags — so much so that I couldn’t nab myself one from the trio. Thanks for saving the day! I’m loving this giveaway business!! 🙂

  4. My new year prediction is that my mom will get a phone call
    from Martha Stewart requesting the recipe of her world famous
    Zyrle’s Peanut Brittle. I still haven’t decided whether or not my
    mom would sell it to her. Happy New Year Ang!!!

    • Zyrle’s Peanut Brittle is too good for words! I think the Hershey Co. would love to get their hands on the recipe.
      My predictions for the year of the rabbit…. you will have visitors from afar and Anthropoligie is going to discover Sake Puppets products.

  5. Hi friend(s),

    I want to see pictures of danpoppyrunningshoes, shrimp ramen, bullet trains, mountains, and anything else worthwhile that you two adventurous people photograph.


    much love from Philly,


  6. I predict that I will invent a way to wash hands without drying them out. Mine have aged an entire decade in the past few months. And I predict that Angie’s creations will sell like CRAZY. Especially the items inspired by monsters, nature or babies. xo, tt

  7. My new year’s prediction is that natural handcrafts will
    take over the world and all toxic chemicals are banned! Haha I
    wish! Happy New Year! Nice blog!

  8. Hi Ang! I think that your bags will have a boom in Rabbit´s
    Year! They are very cute, nice fabrics and designs! I would li,e to
    have one, too! Happy 2011!

  9. I predict that in honor of the year of the Rabbit you will
    do what Rabbits are famous for and start reproducing. Maybe this is
    more a wish than a prediction. PS: Your mothers did NOT put me up
    to this.

  10. From one Angie to another 🙂
    Your bags are really nice.. I work with your Mom, Marcy. she told me to post, maybe I could win one of them !!
    Fabrics are awesome!

  11. I vote for pictures of ramen, hello kitty and sticker
    picture. If you can get hello kitty eating ramen into a sticker
    picture that would make my day. 🙂

  12. Ang- I’m the proud owner of one of your beautiful bags- thanks to Missy! I’m proud of all of your accomplishments, and can’t wait until you can teach us how to master Sashiko!

  13. Hi Angie,

    I’ve enjoy reading your blog. Hope to see you in the new year.

    PS. The word “pie” is derived from the magpie bird -since magpies collect miscellaneous objects in their nests

    PPS. I predict that in 2011 Nick will be cuter than ever. (Alli told me to write that).

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