The Big Reveal…

I’m so pleased to finally reveal the project I’ve been working on the past few months — a little place of my own at the online marketplace, Etsy!

Now up and running, my web shop features handmade goods with unique Japanese details. Yay! Right now I’m starting slowly, with small bags in all shapes and sizes with sashiko embellishments.  A common way for women in Japan to stay organized, these mini bags make switching between handbags quick and painless.

I hope to add much more in the near future, including bento box lunch sets, sashiko-detailed linens, and even some DIY kits.  So check back often!

Delighted by new resources and smitten by Japanese whimsy, I’m taking it to the streets Internet for some crafty, handmade fun.

Many forces have converged to help make this project possible.  Thanks to all my friends and family who have given me feedback and support.  I’m so grateful!  And a special thanks to my partner-in-craft, Spoppy and his awesomely eerie illustrations.  In case you are curious about our creative process:

Yep, it’s that seamless.

So take a peek!  I’d also love to hear what you think, so feel free to send me feedback, emails composed entirely of emoticons, or just notes of greeting to sakepuppets <at> gmail <dot> com.

3 thoughts on “The Big Reveal…

  1. ang, i love you. this stuff is awesome and amazing and awemazing!

    ps: guha if you are reading this I WANT THOSE BAGS AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE.

  2. Hi Angie, your fingers have been very busy. I’m very impressed that you’ve kept your little sewing machine and fingers so busy. I think I would still be in awe of my surroundings. You know you do come from a long line of seamstress’ on your father’s side. Of course, this aunt is proud of that side of your family. Best of luck with your endeavor. Can’t make the pies, find something else to make. Bravo for you.

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