Yuzawaya ユザワヤ

Yuzawaya ユザワヤ — The mother of all craft shops in Japan.

Yuzawaya’s biggest location in Tokyo is near the Kamata JR Station, approximately 20 minutes from Tokyo Station by train.  Here you’ll find 5 buildings of craft-filled goodness.  A breakdown of the different buildings:

  • Building 5 – Lingerie, cosmetics, beauty and health care, railroad and plastic models, toys, jigsaw puzzles (3 floors)
  • Building 6 – Beads, flowers (real and artificial), handcraft materials and tools, knitting yarns (5 floors).  The second floor is where you’ll find needle felting, amigurumi, needlework and sashiko kits. A gold mine of fabric kawaii to keep you busy for days months.
  • Building 7 – Home and office, stationary, artist supplies, drawing tools, frames (3 floors)
  • Building 9 – Delivery service office
  • Building 10 – Fabric, notions, home furnishings, sewing machines (3 floors).  The first floor is primarily knits, wool, and upscale fabrics including Liberty of London cotton printed in Japan.  On the second floor you’ll find various cottons, lining, and home dec fabrics, and the third floor is notions.  Good to know here – have your fabric cut on each floor and bring it all downstairs to 1F to checkout.  Yeah, it feels a little weird to be walking outside with your bounty, but it’s OK.  Some fabrics have a minimum cut of 50 cm, and some sale fabrics must be purchased by the meter.  Note that not all credit cards are accepted, so be safe and bring cash.

Getting there: Take the JR Keihin-Tōhoku Line to Kamata Station.  I like to take the West Exit, and once outside make a left to walk under the tracks.  Once in daylight again, keep an eye to your right for the sign to Building 10.  (psst, there is a Beard Papa’s cream puff stand under the escalator near the West Exit – worth checking out!)

You can read about a few of my adventures to Yuzawaya here and here.

4-12-8, Nishikamata, Ohta-ku, Tokyo  Tel. 03 (3734) 4141, open 10-8

Yuzawaya’s other locations include Shibuya, Shinjuku (Takashima Times Square 11F), and Kichijoji.

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