Okadaya オカダヤ

Okadaya オカダヤ is a great craft and fabric shop in the heart of Shinjuku, and a good place to go if you have limited time. Check out both buildings — Don’t be deterred by the lingerie or fake eyelashes on the first floor, head upstairs to find hand crafts, a nice selection of quality yarn, craft books, trim and notions. The building across the alley is all fabric, also with a good selection of fashion fabrics. Liberty of London, Kokka, Nani iro and Sou Sou are all located on the first floor.
From Shinjuku JR Station East Exit, walk away from the station and cross the plaza. Head to the pedestrian street slightly to your left, pass the fruit stand on the right corner and a guy who is usually there selling cheap manga in the middle of the road. Okadaya will be on the left.
3-23-17 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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