9 thoughts on “Tokyo Craft Guide

  1. Is the Tokyo Craft guide still available? I can’t get access to your website or find it on etsy and would love to buy a copy asap for my trip to Japan!! Thanks

  2. Hi – I am also looking for it if you still have it. I will be leaving in a day and a half – please let me know – thanks!!

  3. Same question as the previous posters! I’d love to buy a copy and am heading to Japan very soon.. If there is a way to buy it please let me know!

  4. Hi Angela!

    I have the same question as the previous posters 🙂 I am leaving for Tokyo soon and would love to buy the craft guide! Is there any way I can buy a copy? Thank you xxx

  5. Hi Angela,

    I have just discovered your ebook and as I am also preparing a trip to Tokyo, I would love to purchase it but the website is still down. Is there another way to buy it? Thanks a lot.

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