Tokyo Craft Guide ebook!

I am so thrilled to announce that the new and improved Tokyo Craft Guide is here! Well, it’s over here, but you know what I mean.

Tokyo Craft Guide ebook!

Beautifully illustrated by Hana of ilikesleeping, and researched and written by myself and the lovely Frances of Miss Matatabi, the Tokyo Craft Guide is packed full of our favorite off-the-beaten-track craft shops in Tokyo. We’re giving you all of our secrets, my friends. Six neighborhood maps help you navigate our curated lists of craft shops and cafes. We also throw in a few parks, temples, a ramen shop, and a few bars. But mostly we talk about crafts: over 50 shop listings describing what is special or unique about each shop, where to go for paper or fabric or yarn, who speaks English, and a few words of Japanese to help you in case they don’t.

sneak peek! Tokyo Craft Guide cafes and shops

I’ll still be offering the same free content from the previous Saké Puppets guide, it has simply moved over to the Tokyo Craft Guide blog. Over there we will be profiling larger shops like Yuzawaya and Tokyu Hands, and also posting interviews and craft events happening around Tokyo. But we’ve reserved the special stuff for the book: small, independantly-owned places, young shop owners who stock their friend’s creations, old shop owners who have been around for 50 years and stock beautiful vintage glass buttons — those are the places that make craft shopping in Tokyo so wonderful.

The Tokyo Craft Guide has amazing maps!

I’m in love with the illustrations in this book. Each map guides you on a treasure hunt, sending you into the neighborhood to find secret craft-gold. Also, never have I looked so relaxed or my bun looked so perfectly huge!

relaxed! via Tokyo Craft Guide and ilikesleeping

A special thanks to everyone who helped us on this project, and to those that were so patient waiting for its release. I’m really excited! Maybe I’ll celebrate by … shopping for fabric.  (@⌒ー⌒@)

Mosquitos Don’t Scare Us

They tried — those little blood-sucking devils! — but craft prevailed, and we had a lovely time sewing in the park.

Sunday’s session of the English Craft Club was the nine-patch quilting class. We started on some fluffy grass under a tree in Shinjuku Gyoen, and after valiant battle with some mosquitos we retreated found a better spot in a nearby picnic pavilion. The mosquitos may have bullied us, but they couldn’t damper our craft spirits.

My favorite part of these quilting classes is watching everyone choose their fabrics. For each class I bring pre-cut fabric squares so we can get right to work designing our quilt blocks. I’ve been collecting this fabric for the past two years, and some I brought with me from the US, so it is always interesting to see the fabric find a new life in someone’s quilt. Here is Thewallinna making her first quilt block. So sweet!

The next quilting class will be held on Sunday, September 23rd, and a special Saké Puppets sashiko workshop is scheduled for August 25th at the Etsy Craft Party in Shibuya. Stay tuned for more details!