The Current State of Things

My desk offers a good representation of the state of my brain right now: Crowded. Messy. A whole bunch of bobbles and lace and scraps of paper with scribbled notes. And I think there are some old cookies there somewhere too.

The culprit? Midterms. All other projects are on hold and banished to The Desk.

Maybe it is hard to believe by looking at this sad scene, but it used to be my job to be organized. I was a professional organizer. But you know how the story goes, the cobbler’s children never have good filing systems.

And I swear, this photo is only slightly misrepresentative … if you were to pan a few inches to the right, you would certainly NOT see a gigantic pile of books and papers I shoved just out of the camera’s frame. Nope, not there. I’m a professional.

Now, back to the flash cards…