Maker Faire Tokyo Day 2

A few photos from Maker Faire Tokyo, Day 2. First, an early morning trip over the Tokyo Bay.

Rainbow Bridge over Tokyo Bay

There were many cool things to look at in the Craft Room. She has no idea that “scarf” is about to swallow her whole…


My favorite thing of the entire weekend – an embroidered motherboard. It took her a year to complete.


And let’s not forget my Etsy friends! Flat Packables and Tokyo Craft Studios – I love these guys. I met them at MAKE last year, and their stuff is lovely. 


The super sweet Honey Wine. That frosting looked so real, I’m not totally convinced it wasn’t.


The cutest mountain on the block, from Harukaze Designs.

Fuji san

There was so much more, but the buzz kept me busy at my own table for most of the day. It was fun to meet so many new people, to chat about sashiko (and why a white girl from the US is doing it), and to see so many people excited about making things. Way to go Maker Faire Tokyo! おつかれさまです!

Maker Faire Tokyo, Day 1


Maker Faire Tokyo got off to a rip-roarin’ robotin’ start. The Craft room on the 7th floor of the The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation was buzzing all day with workshops, hands-on crafts, chatter, and a constant stream of visitors. I decorated a plaque at the Etsy craft table because I found some pom poms that really needed to be glued to something. This, my friends, is the beauty of Maker Faire.

I didn’t get a chance to explore the rest of the building, and had just a peek at the other tables around me. Organs and sea creatures made of yarn, embroidered computer components, iPhone holders and hacks, games, accessories, and a giant balloon that was maybe a jelly fish? I’m looking forward to a bit of quiet time before the doors open tomorrow to get to know my neighbors better. There are some very cool things to look at.

Also, tomorrow I’ll be holding a sashiko deco tissue-case workshop in the afternoon. Materials cost just 500 yen! If you’re in Odaiba tomorrow, please come by and say hello!


Kawaii! Harukaze Designs

Etsy Japan