Sometimes Rainy Days are the Best

It’s raining in Tokyo today, and I couldn’t help but get a little reminiscey about the rainy day we had just about a year ago…

The Farm almost looked more amazing in the rain.  The dahlias were like little color bombs.

Look at my wonderful family sitting there in the rain — now that is true love.  They were determined to give me my outdoor wedding.

Thanks again to all my family and friends who made the trek to Hershey last Fall!  I’m thinking of you on this cold, rainy afternoon (remember that mud pit that was the bar?! And the water slick of a dance floor?!  And the Starlingtons!!).  Love to you all.

Farm Life

These past few weeks I’ve been living the life as a country girl.  We’ve been living in limbo for about a month, and have spent considerable time at Dan’s parents’ farmhouse outside of Hershey, PA.  Here, I have 37 acres of rambling prairie grasses to keep me occupied.

Everything is better at the Farm.  Laundry is suddenly fun when you have a clothesline to hang it on and the sun is shining.  Meals are eaten outside, and fresh greens from the garden are oh-so delicious.  Days fly by when there is so much to do: preparing of this season’s vegetable garden, keeping an eye on the maybe-it-is-or-maybe-it-isn’t-pregnant barn cat that lives in the hostas, breakfasts of tiny fried eggs from the neighbor’s chickens, the daily hunt for new blooms of peonies and poppies (!) and Italian oregano…

How ironic, that I’m getting my country legs just as I am about to move to the largest city in the world.