Lady Liberty

Riding the high of my two handmade shirts, I decided to try my hand at embellishing an otherwise plain tank top. Just jazz it up a bit.

I spotted some Liberty of London bias tape on sale at Yuzawaya and couldn’t pass it up. Normally around 600 yen for 2 meters, it was half price. And I got an additional 30% off but don’t ask me why because I have no idea. When a woman wants to give me money back, I just smile and nod at her.

My face is making a very deer-in-the-headlights sort of expression, and thus the crop.  Perhaps it was because the neighbor was peeking at me, wondering why a strange girl is smiling at her wall.

In truth this project posed a bit of a challenge because I’ve never sewn knit fabrics before. I know you are supposed to zig-zag, turn in a circle, jump up and down and sing a song in order to sew correctly with knits, but in the end it was easier for me to hand stitch. A DVD movie marathon later, I had myself a new tank.

I love the little bit of pizzazz the bias tape gives the tank. It’s not too much color. I know it is summer, but let’s not get crazy!