I’ll Pass on the Cheese, Please

Today I took a walk to find our new apartment.  Yes, that is correct — we signed the lease contract yesterday, and I couldn’t remember where the apartment was, what the neighborhood was like, or even what most of the apartment itself looked like.  My notes from our days of apartment hunting said “Nice closets!” and I guess that was enough to convince me it was a place worth living in.  I have been surprisingly nonchalant about committing to something so big, which is pretty uncharacteristic of my designy personality.  But I guess that is what happens when you see 20+ apartments in 3 days in a massive city, and just need a place to live.

After I found our apartment (and was satisfied with what I found), I wandered over to Hiro-o, the neighborhood next door.  I was surprised to find Hiro-o had an international grocery store near the subway station.  I went in looking to pick up some sushi for dinner, but got annoyed because all they had was Sargento shredded cheese.

I might have to consider this tiny event a major milestone.  Don’t get me wrong, cheese, I miss you, but sushi, you are so much better right now.