Craft Otaku

I think I’m a craft otaku.

I just realized it, just this very moment.  Is this how it happens for everyone?  Otakus out there, please show me the way.  Not in person of course–just leave me a comment or point me to a message board or something.  Ack!

I’ve been working on a post about my craft adventures from this past weekend, when I visited 6 shops in 2 days. Though, I was at another shop today which brings my average down to 1.4 shops per day.  This week at least.

While recalling the details of my craft adventures I realized the passion I felt for these shops was a bit unnatural.  I took extensive notes and photographs, thumbed fabrics, and drooled over embroidery kits.  I praised the shops for their specialized, well-curated collections of vintage scissors.  I applauded them for only stocking the highest quality items.  I’m a craft snob.

Today I was chatting with a friend about what to do with all the kawaii needle-felted creatures and amigurumi for which I feel an intense need to collect.  She suggested a wunderkammer and I instantly agreed, and was reminded of all the little glass cabinets I’ve seen around Tokyo for people to store their manga and anime figurines.  And then it dawned on me:

I’m a craft otaku, and I want a wunderkammer for my amigurumi.  (>人<)