Stitch Show at Spiral

Hi everyone! I went over to Spiral this weekend (dodging the typhoon!) and checked out the Stitch Show embroidery exhibition they were hosting. I posted some photos over at Tokyo Craft Guide, so if you are interested pop over and take a peek. The exhibition was based on this book, available online. Enjoy!

I’m now feeling really inspired to stitch something. 😉

Stitch Show embroidery exhibition and book, via Tokyo Craft Guide

3 thoughts on “Stitch Show at Spiral

  1. Hi Ang! I love your blog and your sewing adventures. Have you been doing any sashiko lately? That’s the stitchery I love best and am very fond of the projects you have done — the wind chimes, the teacups, the sakura blossoms. Thanks for all of it! best wishes to you

    • Thanks so much! I’ve done some behind-the-scenes sashiko, but haven’t finished anything recently. (> <) This exhibition was a good push to get my projects done!

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