Macaron Craft Kit Giveaway

I am in a macaron phase.

a macaron treatThis was a macaron zipper pouch kit, and according to the package it was only supposed to take me 40 minutes to assemble. Liars!

the guts of a macaron zipper kitAdmittedly, I spent most of my time with the sparse instructions and a dictionary. I’d look up kanji and then with an exasperated eye-roll think, “I know what that means. Damn you, memory!”

The kit comes with a 10 cm zipper, precut felt circles, plastic button parts, and a small cell phone strap. Here is the part that had me stumped:

zipper tricks on the macaron pouch kitThis is an example with a different zipper. Once you sew the ends of the zipper together, creating a zipper-circle, you want to gather the sides with a basting (or running) stitch. This creates a nice bed for the felt-covered button part.

sewing the felt-covered button parts to the zipper on the macaron zipper pouchBack to the real deal, you can see the zipper teeth are the middle of the felt sandwich. The sweet macaron guts.

Voila! A mini macaron zipper pouch, on a string.It is just the right size to hold a 500 yen coin, for those moments when you need an emergency macaron.

And lucky day, I bought an extra kit to share the macaron love!

Macaron zipper pouch kit giveaway! via Saké PuppetsTo enter this giveaway for a strawberry-pink macaron coincase strap kit, which doesn’t make much sense so I decided to call it a mini macaron zipper pouch kit, which makes much less sense, leave a comment on this post telling me what you’d hide inside your macaron. Comment before noon (Japan standard time) on Monday August 5th. I’ll choose the winner randomly.

Good luck!


14 thoughts on “Macaron Craft Kit Giveaway

  1. Oh this is way too cute! I would want it for myself but I can bet my 4 year old would steal it in a second! I would have to hide a little note in there telling her to return it to me!

  2. So cute!!!
    I’d probably use it as a charm to hang from my bag or wallet or diary and put nothing inside …
    Thank you for the chance and have a great weekend …

  3. You’re so funny, I enjoyed reading about your adventure on this project. 🙂
    Do you think tightly rolled up earbuds would fit in it? If so, that’s what I’d put in it.

  4. I think I’d hide a little message inside, something that would remind me of my goals and that any trouble I’m going through is just a temporary setback. Or possibly a little charm for good health, since I’ve gone though enough bad health in the past couple of years to make me think I ought to carry a charm with me to ward it off again in the future! (First stop when I visit Japan is going to be a shrine where I can get a mamori charm for good health, dagnabbit!)

    I would hide an emergency $2 coin inside, but I think the coin might be too big for the pouch!

  5. I’ve seen these often and always wanted to make one! I’d probably hide some yen in it for emergency train fare/vending machine drink/cute gachapon money.

  6. So many wonderful ideas already. The macaron is really cute. I’d maybe use it as a gift with a folded up bill in it. (denomination TBD)

  7. I like the idea of using it as an emergency money stash and hanging it on my daughter’s backpack since she loves pretty little things.

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