Back in the felt garden

Maybe it is my lack of green garden space or maybe this time of year just brings out the felt-freak in me, but I pulled out my cute veggies and fruits books again.


Veggies in a line.

Last year I made some tomatoes, onions, carrots, and posted a tutorial for mushrooms. Any guesses on what these shapes might become?

felt shapesfelt veggies

6 thoughts on “Back in the felt garden

  1. Cuteness overload! I guess the Japanese, who are even more fond of cute things than other people, must love your felt greens.

    My guess for the cut out shapes: it’s a watermelon. I look forward to finding out the answer!

  2. Are you making strawberries? That’s my guess!
    Great veggies! Just like in real life, I always go for the sweets, so I have a sweets felt sewing book. I’d like to give veggies a try, though!

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