Late afternoon

afternoon sun, stitching, teaToday I have been quiet under the kotatsu. I stitched up a hankerchief and played with the idea of a new spring sashiko kit. The sun shone brightly and Tanaka-san went out for a ride. She, too, has been quiet so I was happy to see her in the sunshine, wheeled away in a bright purple hat but with her face to the sky.

As the late afternoon sun dwindles from my apartment I think about where I was two years ago when the Tohoku earthquake hit Japan. That leads me to think about where I was five years ago, and then 10. Life changes suddenly sometimes.

My heart aches, so as the afternoon sun dwindles I sit quietly on the tatami and I stitch.

5 thoughts on “Late afternoon

  1. Hello Angela,
    I’ve been reading your blog a bit and I didn’t know where to write a wee message.
    I chose this post because I remember the earth wake. I have a good friend from Japan who lives in my hometown, Barcelona. The photograph reminds me a lot of her, as she always brings me gen mai cha!
    I’ve just bought one of your sashiko kits and I’m waiting very impatiently for it to arrive.
    Your blog is really nice and I’m glad I’ve found it!
    thank you!

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