Clever Clover Pouch Helper

I stop by my neighborhood craft supply shop about once a week, usually to pick up something small like a zipper or to fondle the newly-arrived yarns. Occasionally I talk with the staff ladies because I can’t find something or they need me to pull a box off the high-reaches of the top shelf. The shop is tiny, and if your handbag is too big you’ll inevitably knock all of the knitting needles off the rack. Perhaps I speak from experience.

While on a recent visit, gazing at the dusty top shelf, the secrets of which only I know, I found this — a Clover zippered-pouch template.

Pouch Template Shell: Easily make original pouches! Yes, please.

Clever Clover Helper

The kit includes a plastic template and instructions for making various zippered pouches. The tracing wheel reminded me a little bit of Spirograph, but without the ripped paper and 7-year-old-style cursing.

the templates

7 patterns for 7 pouches

Using the template, you can easily and beautifully draw 7 different patterns.

Drafting difficult curves with the template is easy and fast! Accurately draw a 1 cm sewing allowance.

pouches. pieces.

I feel like I have unlocked the secrets of the pouch-making universe.

Each pattern (A-G) is matched with an appropriate length zipper and template pieces, which you trace around and mark onto your main fabric and lining. The templates include marking points for pinning zippers, pleats, and pockets. The green tracing wheel creates a 1 cm sewing allowance and cutting line.



I started with pattern A for a standard pouch. About an hour later, I had a little zipper bag in adorable Kokka Dutch Door Press fabric from my friend Miss Matatabi.



Open wide and say pouch.

Admittedly, the lining could use some work. Hopefully by pattern G I’ll be a pro.

On to the next pouch I go!


11 thoughts on “Clever Clover Pouch Helper

  1. Angela, It is adorable! Post pictures of all the ones you make, please. Merry Christmas to you and Dan, and enjoy your next year in Japan.

  2. Thanks everyone! Because I don’t have to spend time deconstructing and reconstructing the pattern, I feel more free to think about variations and decorations. Suggestions?

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