I made a shirt.

I totally did. I turned a piece of fabric into something wearable.

Ignore the wrinkles and the pink belly button dot. If I can’t see them then you can’t see them. That’s the way it works, right?

And no, I’m not going to model it. I thought about the idea, but really… guys, I’m an awkward lanky goof, and when there is a camera involved it’s a hot mess.

But back to my shirt. My shirt! A friend was wearing one she made, and when I commented on how much I liked it she bullied encouraged me to try sewing one for myself. I ordered the pattern online that same evening, and with speedy, instant gratification it was sent via PDF five minutes later.

All I could think about was sewing this shirt. I was possessed. I bought fabric the next morning, brought it home and washed it and watched it air dry, drumming my fingers, telling it to hurry up already.

It took me 4 hours to make, start to finish. Everything that could possibly go wrong did. I sewed the pocket upside down, then the side seams inside out. I had to rip out all the stitches but I didn’t mind. I was making a shirt, yo.

And then it was finished and I was in love. I put it on immediately, which was easy to do because I was wearing only my underwear solely in anticipation of the moment when I could put on my bespoke top. Bespoke — la tee dah!

Then I sat down and sewed another one.

I told you, I was possessed. The second one has a hand-sewn pocket. I used more expensive nani IRO fabric (I was ready!) and it only took me an hour. I’ve already worn it twice.

What shall I sew next?! Do you have pattern suggestions? Please send them my way! I’m giddy! I want to sew all the shirts!


13 thoughts on “I made a shirt.

  1. Nice work, lady! I love the fabrics and the print placement on the second tank is glorious! How about the Wiksten Tova next? I made one last week and although there was a bit of seam ripping and swearing, I love it. Go on, do it….doooo it!

  2. Beautiful job! Congratulations! You are awesome.
    For another tank pattern with a litte somethin-somethin’, try Colette’s free pattern: Sorbetto. Easy, elegant, fun. All Colette patterns are well done.

  3. Love the shirt. We used to make most of our clothes back in the day, so I can sympathize with the initial trials. Zippers and buttonholes were my downfall.

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  5. Thank you for your post! I am OBSESSED with shirts like these! Now I can make…my OWN? Say whaaaaaa?! I found your post on pinterest, and love your blog. Aloha from Hawaii!

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