A Lovely Crafternoon

I wanted to share a few photos from our Craft Club in Shinjuku Gyoen this past weekend.

This is what a craft class looks like before students arrive:

And this is shortly after:

I love it. It’s chaos, but the best kind. Here everyone is choosing fabrics for their quilt blocks from the pile of pre-cut squares I brought. Honestly, I think this is the hardest part. Sometimes I spend hours just staring at fabric, getting those color combos just right, and then sometimes I just grab randomly. I’m still not sure which method works better. (And yes, that is pudding on my pin case.)

For those who are curious (and I know you are!), in a rare tell-all moment, the inner workings of a quilt class are finally revealed. She’s lifting up her skirt and showing you everything, that dirty little quilt class.

The true secret to a great quilt? Ice coffee. Always coffee.

The Flying Geese start to take shape…

Everyone in class was planning to do something different with their quilt blocks: some were keeping them for a larger quilt, another was making a pillowcase, and one person decided maybe she’d like a coaster-sized quilt block rather than a placemat. 🙂 I attached mine to a tote bag.

I decided this Flying Geese pinwheel looks like the geese are stuck in a tornado.

Thanks again to everyone who joined us on Sunday! The next class in the quilting series will be held Sunday August 12th, and we’re decorating iPhone cases on July 22nd! Hope you’ll join us. (For class info, check this link. Thanks!)

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