Being a Broad in Japan

Being a Broad, a blog and online magazine for foreign women in Japan, posted a little feature of me on their site today. 

I’m not used to being pampered and primped, so needless to say I was a bit on the awkward side during the photo shoot. In most of the photos I look like a mousedeer caught in headlights, which, now that I’ve experienced flashbulbs, I can sympathize. But Kerry (photos) and Elena (makeup) were great, and I even caught myself having fun. Thanks again to both of them, and the editors at BAB – a great experience!

Head over to to check it out.


9 thoughts on “Being a Broad in Japan

  1. What a nice story about you, Angela. And lovely pictures!
    News from the Gallery: The month-long exhibition of Jakuchu’s thirty fabulous scrolls ended Sunday, and we stayed open until 8pm the last three nights to handle the crowds. They were lent by the Imperial Household Agency to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the gift of the cherry trees to Washington. It was such a treat for me to have time with them most mornings before we opened!
    All the best, Anne

  2. Ang, you look DARLING! What a nice article and what great photos. I hope you had a lot of fun – I enjoyed reading it and getting more of a glimpse into your Japanese life. So interesting!

  3. 1) you do not look like a mousedeer, although that is hilarious. 2) you look beautiful 3) i think you’re staying in Japan for ever. 4) you’re a genius for your approach to language classes.

  4. Dear Angie-
    I salute you as you integrate your creativity and joy in reaching out to your new friends in Japan! I am enjoying your blog, your spirit, your eye for color/design, and your humor! Masha in California, friend of Jean Martin-sister of Joel Martin

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