These are hedonist times.

Whew, it has been busy in these parts. We’ve had family and friends visiting, which is fantastic.  We’re got more family on the way, which is fantastic. It was Dan’s 30th birthday, which was extra fantastic. Oh, and we had this little typhoon last night. No big deal.

There has been some of this:

A lot of this:

(Please notice the sign over the beer kegs says, “Please help yourself!”)

And even a little bit of this:

I am amused that this purikura (sticker picture) makes us look so hip. This booth not only makes your eyes bigger, but plumps your lips, too.

We also found a bar with a pass-through window in the floor — I was handed our drinks from the bartender below just minutes before another customer took a tumble through the rabbit hole and onto the bartop.  Exciting stuff.

Through the winding streets of Golden Gai we found Jete. It was so hip, I felt lame taking my camera out once we were inside.

Seeing Tokyo through the fresh eyes of our visitors has been … well, fantastic.

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