Mothra on my mind


Ang:  Dan, this photo looks like Mothra! Will you help me think of a funny caption?

Dan:  How about something to do with the end of summer…

Ang:  It’s amazing, it really looks like Mothra!

Dan:  Or how the cicada –

Ang:  Mothra!

Dan:  Call it your pet, since you can’t have a dog…

Ang:  Maaawthraa!

Dan:  Shouting Mothra isn’t helping.

Ang:  Mothra.

Dan: …

Ang:  Did you know Mothra’s a good guy?

Dan: I’m going to –

Ang:  Mothra!!

Dan:  bed.

3 thoughts on “Mothra on my mind

  1. Hmmm….i thought Mothra was a “she”. Am I wrong about this? Inquiring minds want to know. Oh, the randomness of it all. You guys are crazy (in a good way).

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