Soba School

While in Nagano Prefecture a few weeks ago, we learned how to make soba noodles from scratch. I’m not going to provide commentary, so you’ll have the same semi-clueless, watch-and-mimic experience as me:

Got it? Now time to eat!  They cooked up our noodles while we headed downstairs to the restaurant.

A satisfying feast.


5 thoughts on “Soba School

  1. that’s pretty cool! I’ve been intimidated by making noodles (of any type) because I assumed one had to have all sorts of fancy equipment/pasta making machines/etc…glad to know that’s not necessarily the case! maybe I’ll attempt to mimic after you 😛

  2. You get to have the greatest experiences!!!
    Sashiko classes – soba classes – jealous x 1000.
    Love soba noodles and these look delicious.
    Great photographs – love the aprons – love the floor cushions – it’s all good.

    • This was 100% buckwheat, but many of the soba noodles for sale in Japan include wheat flour. We saw someone selling 100% soba, but they meant “100% made in their store,” not 100% buckwheat. Tricky noodle makers.

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