Yen Rules Everything Around Me

Three stories dominate the news right now in Japan:

1: We may or may not be eating radioactive beef/spinach

2: In the U.S. the Tea Party may or may not be but definitely will send the world back into economic turmoil

3: The Dollar vs. The Yen. The sweet, sweet yen is strong right now, and everyone in Japan is checking their salary to see how much it would be in dollars so we (ok, I) can feel good about the fake raise we (but I can’t be the only who does it) got.

But it also means I do the math in my head when I’m grocery shopping. It’s a weird thing to tie my current home to my previous one.

“Why the hell is this apple $4? Yesterday it is was $3.50.” I grumble and hunch my shoulders. And then I don’t buy the apple, because maybe it will be down to $3.50 again tomorrow when the dollar will trade a bit stronger. But the apple is still ¥300, just like it was yesterday. It doesn’t make any sense for me to think about the dollar, but I do.

The moral of the story is that I’m not a rational thinker. Or maybe it’s that I don’t understand basic economics.  No wait, I need to eat more apples. Yea, that’s it. Apples.

Isn’t this supposed to be an adorable craft blog? Hurry back, Ang. I’m getting my grubby weird mitts all over this thing.

4 thoughts on “Yen Rules Everything Around Me

  1. That’s okay, Dan. Money is all we’re thinking about over here right now anyway. Debt ceilings. Downgraded ratings. 500 point drops. Ouch. We ALL need some adorable craftiness right now.

  2. I too am obsessing about the yen as I am visiting Japan next month. I kept meaning to exchange some Australian dollars when the exchange rate was good (Monday) but I didn’t have time and then it kept dropping over the next 4 days. Poop. I need lots of yen to buy lots of craft stuff on my holiday! He he.

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