Anpan Panda

Because why not, right?

This is what happens when you enter a bakery in a post-study, pre-lunch haze.  Though, I did manage to pass on the corn and hot dog pizza.  Another day, perhaps.

Sure, maybe anpan あんパン is basically a donut, but I firmly believe a woman can eat an animal-shaped, sweet-filled sweet bun in the middle of the afternoon without shame.  Mr. Panda Face here is was full of chocolate.  I’m pretty sure I was the only adult eating one.

3 thoughts on “Anpan Panda

  1. Almost to cute to eat. Notice I said almost. Anything made or filled with chocolate is never “to cute”. As an adult, you opted have your ‘donut’ in the afternoon instead of with your morning coffee, so what?! I hope you enjoyed every savory moment.

  2. Hi Angela, I’m such a chocolate lover, can you send me one? Lol! I look forward to reading your blog! We were both featured on Sew Mama Sew and it’s nice to meet other people who are fairly new to the blogging world 🙂


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