Happy Blog Birthday, Saké Puppets!

Wow, how this year has zoomed by.

It is amazing to think that just a year ago, we had a very different life.

Starting this blog while preparing to move from one side of the world to the other was a hectic endeavor, though I’m glad we did.  It’s been interesting to look back, and a bit bittersweet to realize how far we’ve come in certain areas, yet how little progress has been made in others.

I’m thinking mostly about my Japanese.  When I realized the one-year mark was approaching, I panicked.  I was hoping to be further along by now.  Maybe I was too optimistic with my goals, or maybe I’ve just been lazy. Probably the latter. Rather than rag on myself, I’ll just make a pact — with you all as my witness — to keep at it, and in a year from now I’ll be reading manga with the best of ’em (er, by that I mean elementary school students and Doraemon, the children’s manga series about an earless robotic cat).

The time went by so quickly that I’m afraid I’ll wake up someday and realize I missed it all.  So, a few goals —

Where this past year was about exploring parts of Asia, the next year will be about exploring Japan.  I want to visit Hokkaido, Kyushu, maybe even Okinawa.  I want to visit Kyoto and Osaka, to hike mountains and take the train, and to volunteer in the tsunami-stricken north.  I want to get to know the country I’ve adopted as home.

Year Two will also be a year of creative work.  It took a little while to settle in and find my way around, and I’m glad I took that time, though I’m ready for bigger things.  I want to keep stitching and learning and really come into my own style.  Both Dan and I have projects we vow to move more towards the  “completed” end of the spectrum than their current resting places near the starting line.

I’m grateful for this blog, for pushing me along in the right direction.  Having a year of writing to look back on has been really valuable — to see the growth and our changes in style.  To all our readers — thanks for hanging in there, encouraging us to keep studying and exploring, and for keeping us connected to friends old and new.

Happy Birthday, little blog.  Cheers for another great year!  Now let’s eat pie.

9 thoughts on “Happy Blog Birthday, Saké Puppets!

  1. Happy blogthday! Looking forward to continuing living vicariously through your adventures. Also, I want pie, so, so bad.

  2. I think you’ve done well in the year that you have been there. I understand Japanese is a very hard language to learn, so if you can read a child’s story-wow. You keep stitching, exploring, and blogging. It is fun to learn through you. Much love from aunt Carol Ann.

  3. I can’t wait to explore Japan with you! You decide which place on your list you want to see in August, and we’ll go. Can’t wait!

  4. Happy blogthday! OMEDETO GOZAIMASU.
    I am so glad to realize your Japanese is really improving.
    I wish my SASHIKO will improve too:>

  5. I had to come visit your blog after I saw your tutorial on Sew Mama Sew! I lived in Okinawa for 3 years and during that time learned to snorkel, did an exchange program to Tokyo, climbed Mt. Fuji, etc. Sigh. Good memories and good times!! I used to be able to read katakana (?) and hiragana (?) Alas, it’s all gone now but I still enjoy visiting with Japanese people that I come in contact with here in Idaho. They are wonderful people.

    • Sounds like you were busy during your time in Japan! I’d love to visit Okinawa … it’s on my to-do list. 🙂 Thanks for your note!

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