Name That Sushi, Updated

As much as I’d like to admit I ate sea urchin vulva, spoppy, that’s not quite right.  Though, my dad’s guess of yellow-crunchy-stuff is pretty much spot-on for most things I eat here.

I can’t remember all the details from my lunch at Vegetable Sushi Potager, probably because I ate those little niblets quickly.  Here is what I do know, from left to right:

1. OK, rough start, I don’t remember this one.  It was a roll of something vegetable-y. Then gobo, aka burdock with ume sauce; white asparagus; stuffed teeny tiny tomato; and sweet potato mush with apple on black rice.

2. Curry with tomato; grilled erengi mushrooms; carrot puree; grilled leek-like negi; and tomato with mozzorella and roasted red pepper sauce.

Yum?  Yum.


Can you name that sushi?

A special prize to anyone who can get all 10 right.  But I’m pretty sure you can’t.  Mwaa ha ha…

7 thoughts on “Name That Sushi, Updated

  1. From L to R
    Photo #1 – Cherry cordial, spicy petrified wood, white asparagus-flavored candy cigarette, cherry bomb, shad lemon bar
    Photo #2 – BLT, s’more, sea urchin vulva, bit-o-honey, baby cthulu

  2. I can’t even give you 1. Some of the sushi looks interesting. Good luck to all the sushi partakers out there.

  3. Okay – let’s try this:

    top picture from left – 1. tuna rull; 2. petrified wood sounds good;3. bamboo shoot with yama gobo (pickled burdock root) on top; 4. salmon tomato;
    bottom picture: 1. tomato croquette with mayo; 2. yokan; 3. black seaweek wrap with uni (sea urchin); 4. tuna with pepper; 5. yellow-crunchy-stuff

    How’d I do?

  4. Dang, I was sure that one in the bottom-right corner, second picture, was durian!!

    I opened my chips tonight with pizza while watching the Twins. Had to wait for an evening when Lynn wasn’t home to smell them 🙂 Actually, did you try them? They’re really quite good; I’d buy them again. Sort of a nutty flavor, meaty, smell isn’t that strong…

    Thanks for sending them!!!!

    • I didn’t try them, sadly. The next time I’m in a durian-approved country, I’ll grab you some more! Honestly, I was a little worried the rest of the stuff in that box would smell like durian too, and that we’d both get in trouble!

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