I’d Pie for You.

Oh man, do I love pie.

I’ve got nothing against cake and will hardly ever turn down a piece of fluffy goodness if offered.  But pie!  Mmm.  The buttery flakey goodness of pie crust, combined with the slightly-sweet-but-mostly-tart fruit filling.  Mmm-mmm.  Don’t get me started on custard-filled pies.

I wasn’t always a pie person. I have to admit that in my early years I was a gooey chocolate brownie sundae kind of gal.  But then I met Dan, who one year requested a pie for his birthday instead of a cake (gasp!), and it was a done deal from there on out.  Once you get to know a pie, and learn to appreciate its simple rules and total free form willy-nilly insides, there is no turning back.  Someday, perhaps I’ll have my own pie shop.  I’ll call it the Pie Hole.

Pie is good any time of year, but fall is a pie-maker’s season.  Apple pie is a humble standard, but Thanksgiving brings out the bourbon-infused, pecan pumpkin crazy lady in me.  The late summer blueberry season gets me excited, and then fall hits and BAM! It’s really pie season.

And so, fall approaches in the fair metropolis of Tokyo, and I find myself without an oven, without a pick-your-own orchard, and without pie.  Can someone please make this and just tell me how good it is?  Or, maybe not tell me.  I don’t want to know.

14 thoughts on “I’d Pie for You.

  1. i have issues with smitten kitchen, so sadly i cannot in good conscience make that pie. however, i just returned from new york, and a couple pounds of apples and a pumpkin made their way into my suitcase, and they will soon become pies. we’ll pour a slice out for you.

    • Thanks HBomb! Please photograph and blog said pies. You going traditional, or going to mix it up with something crazy? Pumpkin pecan? Apple cranberry fig? Ginger? Persimmons?! Do tell.

      • those are good questions! i’m pretty sure the pumpkin will have to be supplemented with something (it is not a very big pumpkin), but i sort of want a straight-up apple pie. however, i think we probably have enough apples to make more than one apple-based dessert; perhaps we’ll get crazy and do some exciting things with cobblers or crisps (or additional pies)!

    • You’ve piqued my interest. What’s the smitten kitchen hate about? too precious? ad-driven page breaks? war criminal?

      • poptart:
        1. yes.
        2. probably, if i didn’t have adblocker installed.
        3. not that i’m implying anything, but have you ever seen that woman and slobodan milosevic in the same place?
        4. i dislike children (see 1)
        5. i actually looked at the post, and she doesn’t know any other pies that fall between summer and thanksgiving? really? even i know my fall pies. she is clearly untrustworthy.
        6. i can’t find the post (she probably removed it), but i’m pretty sure she once said that she admired hitler.

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