Sweet, Sweet Slushie

Seriously, this was so good.

It didn’t look like much from the photo I pointed at on the menu (I had limited choices and the other one was all green), but it turns out this ice is slightly sweet, and underneath the ice was azuki 小豆 (red bean), which is also slightly sweet, and it was the perfect treat for a hot rainy-season day.  I’m not totally sure what the little green and white globs were, but everyone else was dipping them in the sweet slushie juice, so I did the same.  The rose tea and matcha were a perfect complement.

The other great thing about this whole experience was that I successfully read (sort of) the sign out front, ventured inside even though it was on the second floor (gasp!), traded words in Japanese with the waitress, and then was rewarded with a delicious red bean slushie.  Victory is mine!

So who else thinks this thing looks like a panda?  I don’t totally see it, but Dan insists… perhaps I was just too focused on the deliciousness.

Kanoko 鹿乃子 5-7-19-1, 2F Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


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