On the Move

And… I’m back!

Whoa. Time flies when you’re having fun studying your ass off and moving to a new apartment.

Last week was nuts. I have only myself to blame, and blame I will. Last Thursday I took my final exam for Japanese class and emerged from the black hole of kanji flash cards just in time to pack up my apartment. The weekend whirlwind of boxes, movers and new landlord knocking at my door (6 times!) had me wishing I had retained more of the previous week’s Japanese, but we stumbled through and got all of our belongings from point A to point B.

2 years ago, when I started this little blog, my apartment looked like this:

apartment living room

Very empty. I’m chuckling because I just realized I’m in the same place as I was 2 years ago — sitting on the floor of my empty apartment in Azabu juban, still a bit unsure of what I’m doing in Japan but slightly better at ordering from a menu. Though the scenery of my life is a bit different, the feeling is the same: nervous, excited, sore butt.

Yesterday morning things looked like this:

How did I acquire so much stuff? 26 boxes plus suitcases and a tool box (not my husband, a real tool box, geez). It took me about a day and a half to pack and the movers just about 2 hours to move it across town where this was waiting:

And this:

My new shower room is about the pinkest thing I’ve ever seen. To recap, this is what I left behind:

apartment bathroom shower room

Our new place is in Sangenjaya, just about 7 km west (4 1/4 miles) of Azabu juban. Not far, but it feels like a different world. Why the change? To be honest, because Azabu is expensive. It’s the land of expats and French bakeries and gourmet supermarkets, and while nice, a bit too fancy. Living in Sangenjaya will force me to read and speak Japanese, we’ll save on rent, it’s an exciting neighborhood to explore, and I’ll get to live in an adorable old lady apartment with pink walls. The choice was easy.

One final thought before the bottom half of me turns completely numb from sitting on the floor: Though I hate moving, every time I do it I get a little bit better at it. This time I learned the value of hiring movers, and I don’t think I can ever go back. 20 year old boys are much better at carrying things than I am.

The English Craft Club 6月10日: Log Cabin Quilts


12:55 新宿御苑の大木戸門で集合
13:00 レッスンを始めしょう! 単語集を習ったり、ご自身で布を選んで頂きます。
14:00 休憩
14:10 レッスン再開
14:30 ワークショップ終了。15:00までは講師が残っています。

場所:新宿御苑 (12:55大木戸門に会いましょう。)

 * Update: I’ve got a doozy of a cold, so have decided to reschedule this class for another day. Sorry! かぜをひきますから、ワークショップを中止しています。ごめん!

Please join us for the next English Craft Club class, this Sunday June 10th in Shinjuku Gyoen! This week’s craft project is a mini Log Cabin quilt, which you can use as a placemat, decorate a tote bag, or save to add to a larger quilt. Cost is 5000 yen per person, and snacks and all project materials are included.  If you are interested in joining the class, please send an email to sakepuppets@gmail.com to register, or meet us at the Okido Gate at 12:55 pm on Sunday (a map to the class location can be found here). Hope to see you there!

You can find more information about upcoming classes and Facebook photos by clicking the links below. Thanks!

Sunday June 10th: Schedule
12:55  Meet at the Okido Gate at Shinjuku Gyoen
13:00  Class begins! Learn new vocabulary, choose fabric, and begin project
14:00  Break for snacks and refreshments
14:10  Continue working on projects
14:30  Class instruction ends, but feel free to stay until 15:00 to finish your project and chat with instructors

Log Cabins and Coffee

I spent the morning preparing for our next English Craft Club by sewing up some log cabin quilt blocks.

By looking at my stash of fabrics, you’d never guess that my wardrobe is 95% grey.

Though, the last 5% is neon yellow.

I brought my new coffee mat with me to a study date at a cafe this afternoon. Be careful when you tell me to make myself at home, because I will.