Sashiko Snowflake Ornament, a free pattern download

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Perhaps you’ve already finished your holiday crafting. Me? I’ll be stitching until 2 am on Christmas Eve. I do it every year, no matter how much planning or preparation I’ve put into my projects. Now I prefer it this way. A quiet Christmas eve, low lamp light, warm tea and hand stitching.

If you also want to hide with a stitching project, here is a little gift for you — a snowflake sashiko ornament pattern. (Click here to download the PDF.) Thanks for stopping by Saké Puppets! Wishing everyone a spirited winter holiday! ☆彡

sashiko snowflake

Clever Clover Pouch Helper

I stop by my neighborhood craft supply shop about once a week, usually to pick up something small like a zipper or to fondle the newly-arrived yarns. Occasionally I talk with the staff ladies because I can’t find something or they need me to pull a box off the high-reaches of the top shelf. The shop is tiny, and if your handbag is too big you’ll inevitably knock all of the knitting needles off the rack. Perhaps I speak from experience.

While on a recent visit, gazing at the dusty top shelf, the secrets of which only I know, I found this — a Clover zippered-pouch template.

Pouch Template Shell: Easily make original pouches! Yes, please.

Clever Clover Helper

The kit includes a plastic template and instructions for making various zippered pouches. The tracing wheel reminded me a little bit of Spirograph, but without the ripped paper and 7-year-old-style cursing.

the templates

7 patterns for 7 pouches

Using the template, you can easily and beautifully draw 7 different patterns.

Drafting difficult curves with the template is easy and fast! Accurately draw a 1 cm sewing allowance.

pouches. pieces.

I feel like I have unlocked the secrets of the pouch-making universe.

Each pattern (A-G) is matched with an appropriate length zipper and template pieces, which you trace around and mark onto your main fabric and lining. The templates include marking points for pinning zippers, pleats, and pockets. The green tracing wheel creates a 1 cm sewing allowance and cutting line.



I started with pattern A for a standard pouch. About an hour later, I had a little zipper bag in adorable Kokka Dutch Door Press fabric from my friend Miss Matatabi.



Open wide and say pouch.

Admittedly, the lining could use some work. Hopefully by pattern G I’ll be a pro.

On to the next pouch I go!

Holiday shipping announcement for sashiko kits and gifts

Hello! Just a quick note to share that today is the last day for worry-free delivery by December 24th for purchases from my online shop. There are still many sashiko embroidery kits and a few gift items available, so please have a look if you fancy. Also, use the coupon code CHEER for 10% off your purchase!

sashiko DIY

Not to worry, express shipping is available until December 17th. Need some help deciding? Check out my gift guide for inspiration.

Happy holidays!

Birthday Suit

birthday shirt

It would take many birthday tequilas to show you that birthday suit.

birthday suit

I recently turned 30-something, so I made a birthday shirt. The pattern is from the August issue of Burda Style magazine. Listed as an intermediate level pattern, I thought it looked simple enough. I learned an intermediate sewer I am not. It took some Googling to help me understand the invisible zippers at the cuffs. They are a cool detail and I’m glad I persevered. My zippers are not so invisible, but they are bright yellow so I’m glad they peek out a bit.

I could have botched this pattern completely and it wouldn’t have mattered because this fabric is lovely. It feels soft and light and is covered in almost-neon yellow dots. Happy birthday to me.

ps. previously mentioned in this sneak peek.

English Craft Club, Sunday December 9th

The last of the year, friends!

English Craft Club Christmas Quilting

English Craft Club will meet near Sangenjaya on Sunday, December 9th. We’ll be making the Ohio Star quilt block , the last in our quilting series. We’ll learn basic hand-sewing methods, and I’ll also review how to finish a quilt and binding techniques. Your quilt blocks can be saved for a larger quilt project, or made into a Christmas star placemat!

This English Craft Club will have a special holiday theme! While sewing, we’ll enjoy lots of  Christmas music, cookies, and cocoa for some fun holiday cheer.

In the spirit of the holiday season, the class fee is discounted to 3000 yen per person! I hope you’ll join us!



  • クラフトに使用する材料(型紙、布、針、糸、その他道具)
  • 英語の教材(ペーパー)、クラフトの単語集など。
  • コーヒー、ココア、紅茶、クッキーやケーキ

The English Craft Club に参加をご希望の方は、sakepuppets@gmail.comでご連絡下さい。ご質問もお気軽にどうぞ(英語・日本語どちらでも結構です)

参加費 : ¥3000 –> クリスマスの割引があります!

Class Details

  • Class time is 13:00-14:30, though you are welcome to stay until 15:00 to finish projects or just chat for fun!
  • All craft materials and snacks are provided. No quilting experience is necessary!
  • Native English speakers and English students are all welcome. Vocabulary notes are provided for students if necessary.

Other questions? Email me at Thanks!

ps. If this Japanese is atrocious, please forgive me.

Maker Faire Tokyo Day 2

A few photos from Maker Faire Tokyo, Day 2. First, an early morning trip over the Tokyo Bay.

Rainbow Bridge over Tokyo Bay

There were many cool things to look at in the Craft Room. She has no idea that “scarf” is about to swallow her whole…


My favorite thing of the entire weekend – an embroidered motherboard. It took her a year to complete.


And let’s not forget my Etsy friends! Flat Packables and Tokyo Craft Studios – I love these guys. I met them at MAKE last year, and their stuff is lovely. 


The super sweet Honey Wine. That frosting looked so real, I’m not totally convinced it wasn’t.


The cutest mountain on the block, from Harukaze Designs.

Fuji san

There was so much more, but the buzz kept me busy at my own table for most of the day. It was fun to meet so many new people, to chat about sashiko (and why a white girl from the US is doing it), and to see so many people excited about making things. Way to go Maker Faire Tokyo! おつかれさまです!

Maker Faire Tokyo, Day 1


Maker Faire Tokyo got off to a rip-roarin’ robotin’ start. The Craft room on the 7th floor of the The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation was buzzing all day with workshops, hands-on crafts, chatter, and a constant stream of visitors. I decorated a plaque at the Etsy craft table because I found some pom poms that really needed to be glued to something. This, my friends, is the beauty of Maker Faire.

I didn’t get a chance to explore the rest of the building, and had just a peek at the other tables around me. Organs and sea creatures made of yarn, embroidered computer components, iPhone holders and hacks, games, accessories, and a giant balloon that was maybe a jelly fish? I’m looking forward to a bit of quiet time before the doors open tomorrow to get to know my neighbors better. There are some very cool things to look at.

Also, tomorrow I’ll be holding a sashiko deco tissue-case workshop in the afternoon. Materials cost just 500 yen! If you’re in Odaiba tomorrow, please come by and say hello!


Kawaii! Harukaze Designs

Etsy Japan