A note to my homeland, Minnesota

MN, you are damn cold.  Cold, as in I can’t believe you let it snow in May and rained out the only Twins game I’ll have tickets to in the next 2+ years.  Now that’s cold, MN.  Cold.

In other ways though, I have to say that you came through for me.  Beer brats, chicken wings and good ol’ fashioned apple pie were consumed.  Babies laughed and puppies cheered.  It was a seriously good time.

And because I want you to have a MN good time too, I’ll share with you my secret (right, as secret as that secret room in my parents’ house) recipe:

Beer brats

1 dozen brats

Beer, to cover (Don’t use your fancy micro-brew, that is just silly.  Be a man and use Coors Light.)

1 medium onion, roughly chopped

Place brats in a large saucepan or Dutch oven with the onions and cover with beer.  Bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer until brats are almost cooked through.  Remove the brats and finish on grill.  Serve with sauerkraut, onions, pickle relish, and all other delicious tidbits.

Farm Life

These past few weeks I’ve been living the life as a country girl.  We’ve been living in limbo for about a month, and have spent considerable time at Dan’s parents’ farmhouse outside of Hershey, PA.  Here, I have 37 acres of rambling prairie grasses to keep me occupied.

Everything is better at the Farm.  Laundry is suddenly fun when you have a clothesline to hang it on and the sun is shining.  Meals are eaten outside, and fresh greens from the garden are oh-so delicious.  Days fly by when there is so much to do: preparing of this season’s vegetable garden, keeping an eye on the maybe-it-is-or-maybe-it-isn’t-pregnant barn cat that lives in the hostas, breakfasts of tiny fried eggs from the neighbor’s chickens, the daily hunt for new blooms of peonies and poppies (!) and Italian oregano…

How ironic, that I’m getting my country legs just as I am about to move to the largest city in the world.

And then there were tickets…

Finally, we have tickets!  It is official folks, we’re outta here.

We left DC on Thursday with two very fancy-looking visas, so went ahead and purchased our plane tickets.  We depart next Friday, May 28th from Dulles International Airport at Noon on All Nippon Airways, and will arrive in Tokyo at 3 pm Saturday.  (I have to tell you, I am very excited about our bento box options on the flight.)  Thankfully, we’ll be able to head straight to our temporary apartment in Shibakoen, and even have a few days to explore before Dan heads back to work.  Somebody has to bring home the bacon sushi.

In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying my last week on the Farm.  Check back for an update on what I’ve been doing this past month, sans responsabilité.

Just 5 days and counting…

Kon’nichiwa Tokyo!

Well, ok, not quite yet.  But soon, anyway.  Our visa applications were submitted today, so it is just a matter of days before we grab those tickets and take off for… Hershey.  That’s right, we’ve got a few more weeks in sunny Central PA before we actually depart.  Though, as anxious as we are to start our Japan adventure (Japanaventure?), I’ve got a lot to keep me busy at the Poppy Farm, family and friends to visit in MN and DC, and plenty of things to organize.  And you know how I love to organize.

So Tokyo must wait for another day.

But soon!